Many companies are currently navigating through their options related to remote employment opportunities. Some industries have embraced the chance to go fully remote and eliminate costs associated with brick-and-mortar companies. Whether choosing to have physical and remote employees or solely remote staff, the workforce needs continual support and effective management. Here are some tips for incentivizing productivity in a remote workforce.


Keep Employees Engaged

Employee recognition and engagement programs boost morale. They breed excitement in line with a positive corporate culture. Although these programs may look a little different in a remote workforce, they are still important.

Weekly staff meetings or one-on-one meetings with a direct supervisor can effectively be conducted using remote meeting software programs. Supervisors should prepare a solid agenda for these meetings but leave a few minutes for questions or discussion. Using consistent engagement efforts will keep remote employees engaged and productive. This step is even more vital when some of the workforce is remote and others are physically in the office.


Introduce New Incentive Programs

It makes sense to review current incentive programs for employees who are now remote. Daily life has changed for many people due to the pandemic, and some changes are more positive than others. For most people, the new normal means more free time for them and their families. Perhaps in this environment, a continuing education incentive is appropriate.

Colleges and universities offer online classes and certificate programs suitable for working adults. Employees who are stuck at home may now have the time to dedicate toward earning their degree or achieving a specific certification. Likewise, if their role may be changing due to a remote workforce, the opportunity to earn a degree or specialization could make them a more viable part of the company’s growth.


Request Feedback

Whether employees are given additional paid time off or funds toward a college degree, it is important to check in periodically and request their feedback on the new programs. A remote workforce may have a unique and new perspective regarding how a company operates. Their views could provide insight into necessary changes to move the company forward. Capturing the thoughts and feedback of remote employees will assist Human Resource managers better facilitate engagement and incentive programs for all staff members.

Tips For Incentivizing Productivity With A Remote Workforce Kelly Hoggan Infographic