The goal of total quality management or TQM is to provide the highest possible level of customer service by addressing issues at every stage of the business’ operation. This means looking for ways to improve the manufacturing process and managing the supply chain more efficiently, so better-quality products can be made for a lower cost. Total quality management also involves providing better training for employees so that customer relations can be improved.

Establish Specific Expectations

Everyone’s definition of quality is different, so failing to define your intent will likely result in frustration and disappointment. Alternatively, when you issue a clear policy on what you mean by quality and how you want your business to achieve that objective, your employees will have a better understanding. This will help them meet your expectations more precisely.

Review Data Analytics

Collecting data has become the cornerstone of any good marketing plan, but it can also help you improve customer service. By regularly reviewing data, you can determine what’s working and where your business needs to improve. If a particular practice is resulting in lower sales, discontinuing that practice can improve your business’ quality of service.

Promote Instead of Hiring New Talent

When you promote your existing employees to better positions, you’ll be improving morale. Your employees will see that hard work and company loyalty pays off. Additionally, you’ll be moving people into top positions who already understand your expectations for the company.

Commit to Quality

It isn’t enough to simply put out a mission statement about the company’s dedication to quality. You must stand behind that pledge, even when circumstances conflict with that policy. By showing your employees that you’re serious about quality, they will also commit to providing quality service. Your intent will filter down to your customers.

Create Quality Circles

A quality circle is simply a group of employees tasked with identifying areas of your operation that could be improved. As the ones doing the work, your employees are in the best position to identify ways to improve the process for speed, efficiency, and quality.

Committing to providing the best possible quality to your customers will not be easy. It may require restructuring the way your business is operated and additional training for your employees. In the end, it will be worth it, because consumers have placed a greater emphasis on quality customer service and that’s how they judge their favorite brands in today’s market.


Kelly Hoggan has over 30 years of experience in aviation security, operations, and technology. He is the founder and principle of H4 Solutions, which provides aviation security consulting.