There is no better time than the present to evaluate your brand’s recognition. Accurate reflection is a vital part of refreshing your business’ brand. Here are some methods of revamping your existing brand to make your business look more professional and appealing to modern consumers.


Update Your Corporate Image

Consider your current logo and other designs used by your business. Are the colors, fonts, and images used on your business cards and letterhead easily recognizable? Is your marketing and advertising plan modern and eye catching? If not, it’s time for an update. Whether you decide to make subtle changes or opt for a complete overhaul, be sure to make the changes well known to existing customers. 


Stay Relevant on Social Media

Branding must be consistent among all platforms. One of the easiest places to try a brand refresh is on social media. Your target audience will quickly chime in to let you know what they think of your proposed new image. In order to grow and maintain a viable customer base, your social media presence must be engaging and relevant. Keep up with current events, industry news, and your audience’s activity.


Host a Town Hall Meeting

Another useful way to gather information about your brand is to listen to your employees and customers. A town hall meeting, in person or online, is a great way to encourage people to open up about your business. Allow a safe space for people to discuss your current image in a critically objective way. Be open to feedback, and follow up on suggestions from the audience.


Brand Physical and Virtual Spaces

Your office space, company vehicles, and building exterior should boldly express your brand. In much the same way that social media presents an image of the company, branded spaces reinforce the company’s personality. Interior signage, wall murals, and customized window frosting all serve as useful reminders to visitors and customers. Make a statement through branded spaces.


Focus on the Future

Considering plans for a brand refresh requires a concerted effort to plan for the future. What goals has your business established for the next five years? How about the next decade? If these firm business and marketing plans have not been nailed down, create that foundation before moving forward. Refresh your brand with the future in mind.