Best Business Practices 2020 Kelly Hoggan Quote


Modern technology has immensely changed the way that businesses operate. The industries that once ruled the business market have now been surpassed by the technology industry. Businesses, when utilizing the proper techniques and technologies, can now run more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and market themselves to wider ranges of audiences. As technology improves and more services become available as a result of technological advancement, the business world is expected to change as well. There are a variety of practices that businesses should consider implementing for 2020. These practices will allow businesses to dominate their markets while providing the best services to their customers.


Use Advantageous Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has come a long way within the past decade. Businesses that want to grow need to use AI to their advantage. The best way to utilize AI is by allowing the technology to continuously acquire data from multiple sources. After collecting new insights, businesses will want to construct AI systems that are able to autonomously act on the insights that have been gathered. The prime advantage of AI is that actions can be carried out at algorithmic speeds, which are much quicker than the speed of human data collection.


Embrace Diversity

Aside from diversity in demographics, businesses should build teams of employees who have diverse backgrounds. Diversity is crucial to maintaining innovation in an organization. Diverse backgrounds allow for a multitude of creative ideas to be formed by teams of people. Additionally, teams built on diversity will allow for different solutions to be created for different problems.


Utilize Mistakes

Rather than ignoring past mistakes, companies should really dive into their mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Understanding where something went wrong allows for preventative measures to be made, thus preventing future issues. While mistakes should be minimized, companies should be tolerant of mistakes so that employees can learn and continue to improve from their individual lessons. The mistakes that were previously made may make room for innovative ideas to flourish in an organization.


These are a few of the many business practices that businesses should use in 2020. Each of these practices will allow a company to develop long-lasting opportunities for growth and success.