If you are looking to revise your digital marketing campaign, you may have realized that your previous strategies haven’t been as effective as you’d hoped they would be. There’s a lot of valuable data for moving forward when your marketing hasn’t been going great. It just requires a willingness to look failures head on, learn from them, and revise your marketing plan into one with wisdom gained from past results.


There are dozens of famous quotes about failure, but most of them say the same thing: failure is valuable. Failure is an opportunity for learning.


That sounds all well and good, but is hardly comforting when you are taking a hard hit. However, that doesn’t mean the sentiment isn’t true. Every time you run a campaign, it’s an opportunity for improvement. When your campaign does well, you hope that you understand what made it successful so you can try to replicate those results, but a successful campaign may not provide substantial information when it comes to making great strides toward future gains.


A weak campaign, or a mediocre one, will give you a lot of information. Where were your numbers higher, and where did they fail? You can learn more about your customers and what they are and aren’t interested in when you have highs and lows together. This is the kind of insight a brave marketer can really grow from. While giving up is always an option, failure is an opportunity for revising your market strategy from a wiser place.


Find the High Points

Go over your analytics and make a serious point by point list detailing where you think things went well in your past campaigns. Did you have high click-through rates on some newsletter campaigns or paid ads? Did you have one product that sold well while others did not? Find some high points and put them in a list. You’ll want to include as many of your strong points in your future campaigns as possible. Capitalize on where you know you’re getting it right.


List Out Where Things Have Gone Wrong

Were your press releases met with total silence? Maybe you need to skip those going forward, or maybe you need to revisit how they are written and how they are being distributed. Are you failing miserably on Twitter? How is your Twitter currently being handled? It can be challenging to review your failures with a critical eye, but this is an essential step if you want to avoid making the same errors in the future.


Strategize Next Steps

When you look at your list of low points and you consider how you are currently handling all of those items, you can begin working on alternative ways to handle those things. If you are failing on Twitter, then possible solutions are to cut Twitter and spend your time on another social network where you are already having positive results you want to grow, take a class on how to be more successful on Twitter, spend some time analyzing how others in your industry are successfully using Twitter, or hire an expert who can help you out. There are always more strategies you can try.


Go Back To The Beginning

You’ve already strategized your next steps, but before you move forward, it’s wise to take a step back to the beginning, to the heart of your business. Look at your new marketing plan after you’ve reread your original business plan or your company’s manifesto. Who is your ideal customer? What pain points do your products or services solve for them? What kind of value do you bring to their lives? It is crucial to ensure that your goals are consistent, and if your priorities have shifted, you should adjust your company’s documents accordingly.


When you are revising your marketing strategy, you need to make sure you haven’t gotten too far away from the soul of your business. Make sure your new strategies still align with where you want your business to grow in the future.