Many employees find company emails forced and boring. That said, internal emails are often written to discuss important issues. Fortunately, managers and communications departments might be able to improve internal emails by employing the following techniques.


Create Enticing Leads

Creating an enticing headline or lead often improves the readability of a memo or office-related document. Spicing up the initial words of a particular document can heighten a reader’s interest, stimulate their curiosity, and inspire them to read further.


Reuse Old Content

Unfortunately, there will be some employees who fail to read previous emails. Including previously discussed information or topics provide a viable avenue for ensuring that staff members become informed about subjects they might have overlooked before but must nonetheless familiarize themselves with.


Include Only Necessary Information

Office memos, like other materials, may be dismissed or overlooked if the associated copy is filled with unimportant or unneeded information. Work-related documents that are short and straight to the point stand a better chance of being favored by employees and subsequently read and understood.


Establish One Consistent Communication Method

Office communications presented in various forms can become confusing and difficult to keep track off. Corporate communications staff are strongly encouraged to correspond with employees utilizing one specific form of disseminating information. In many cases, the preferred method of communication will be email. However, in certain establishments, important information will be shared through physical memos. Regardless, communications should be presented in a consistent method. One standard form should be chosen and used from that time forward.


Communicate Consistently

Communications should be submitted on a consistent basis. Employees who receive correspondence on a regular basis are more likely to become receptive to future communications and place a greater emphasis on the content of such correspondences.


Do Not Be Overly Stuffy

Granted, corporate communications are initiated to convey important information about the entity’s in questions goals, tasks and events. Therefore, emails should not be too informal. That said, such messages should not be overly stuffy either. Whenever possible, authors are encouraged to lighten the mood with less harsh language and perhaps even insert an emoticon every once in a while.