Connecting with the people you work with can make a significant difference in morale, productivity, and tenure. By engaging with others, you can form an internal network that makes delegation, collaboration, and support more effective and efficient. Here is how you can build lasting relationships with your coworkers.


Make Introductions

People who make it their business to introduce themselves tend to build relationships effortlessly. This active approach is a way of setting intentions and breaking the ice, making it easy for others to open up. Even if the introduction isn’t fruitful initially, it creates a reason to say hello the next go around.


Always Be Gracious

Everyone is drawn to a smiling face and a friendly presence. An employee can attract more positive attention by engaging in small talk, being humorous, making good on promises, holding doors open, offering to assist with small favors, and remaining genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their peers. Just keep in mind that coming off too strong can cause others to view the gestures as inauthentic or needy.


Ask Questions

People love helping others and sharing their knowledge with those who seek it, so asking questions is a surefire way to build bonds. Inquiring about matters that are unrelated to work, like fashion choices and family life, might be enough to create allies out of the more social types. But for those that seem shy or extremely focused on their work tasks, keep the topic more business-related. Also, staff meetings are great opportunities for employees to draw the necessary attention to themselves.


Always Be on the Scene

When attempting to make professional bonds, remain accessible. If there are work-related gatherings, be there. If there are break rooms available, have lunch there instead of outside or at a nearby restaurant. When coworkers and higher-ups are used to seeing a face, they will naturally develop an interest in getting to know them.


Not everyone is interested in becoming companions with their coworkers, but as we are social beings by nature, most people will be on board. Whatever the case, just having one strong relationship will make each workday that much more rewarding.